Norman Wreck

A Collaboration between NOAA and Fourth Element

Promoting Thunder Bay and its Rich Maritime History

Home to some of the best preserved and historically significant shipwrecks in the United States, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a world-class wreck diving destination, on par with places such as Scapa Flow in Scotland and Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. The cold, fresh water of Lake Huron means that even wooden schooners dating back to the mid 1800s are sitting intact, within recreational and technical diving depths.

To promote the region, NOAA has teamed up with diving manufacturer Fourth Element, using their newly developed web based technology, created specifically for divers and wreck enthusiasts. Seven of Thunder Bay's best-preserved wrecks have been archeologically mapped by NOAA researchers and this data turned into interactive 3D models for use online. The 3D maps allow you to take a virtual dive around the wreck showing points of interest, wreck history, and stunning underwater photography.

Explore the region and its various wrecks with the Marine Sanctuary Map >